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The Senate impeachment trial against President Donald Trump is scheduled to resume on Wednesday as Democratic House managers begin laying out their case for the president’s conviction and removal from office.

The opening arguments follow a day of proceedings on the floor. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday rebuffed Democrats’ pleas to guarantee new witnesses, setting rules that initially gave each side 24 hours over two days to present their arguments in the trial.

Democrats won two key changes to the rules with the help of moderate Republicans, though their other proposed amendments were shot down.

The changes will permit each side to make their arguments over three days, instead of two, as McConnell had proposed. The changes will also automatically admit into evidence the entire record of the House impeachment probe into Trump last fall.

The rules do not guarantee witnesses, but Senators can still vote during the trial to admit them.

The House impeachment inquiry was triggered by Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. In the call, Trump pressed his counterpart to announce an investigation into Democratic rivals while withholding congressionally approved military aid.

A top government watchdog said last week that the Trump administration broke the law by withholding that military aid to Ukraine last summer “for a policy reason.”

The report from the Government Accountability Office came a day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi authorized the transmission of the articles of impeachment to the Senate after a monthlong delay.

Trump was formally impeached by the House on Dec. 18 on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress charges.

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