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Foto: Twitter/Badr-ul-huda Media
A video purporting to show a US Air Force E-11 that the Taliban say they shot down on Monday.

  • The Taliban say they shot down a US Air Force plane over eastern Afghanistan on Monday.
  • Videos shared to social media show the wreckage of what appears to be a US Air Force Bombardier E-11A, according to aviation experts.
  • The US military says it is investigating and a US Central Command spokesperson told the AP it’s unclear whose aircraft it is.
  • The plane was first thought to be a commercial aircraft operated by Ariana Afghan Airlines.
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The Taliban said on Monday it had shot down a US military plane in Ghazni, eastern Afghanistan.

A statement from the Taliban said that all passengers, which they say included high ranking CIA officers, were killed, according to Reuters‘ Afghanistan correspondent Ab Qadir Sediqi.

The US military told The Associated Press (AP) it was investigating.

#طالبانو د غزني پېښې مسئوليت رسما ومانه او وايي:

په #غزني کې د امریکايي اشغالګرو یوه الوتکه رانسکوره شوه، ګڼ لوړ رتبه افسران په کې ووژل شول#Afghanistan #Taliban #Alfath #Ghazni

https://t.co/9TpIYUL2pD pic.twitter.com/LqtvMUJl2E

— Badr-ul-huda Media ‘بدرالھدی (@Badr_ul_huda) January 27, 2020

Local media are reporting that there are six victims of the crash.

Tariq Ghazniwal, a local journalist, told the AP he saw two bodies laying besides the aircraft upon arrival at the scene.

#AFG. These are said to be (unconfirmed) pictures of the plane crashed in #DehYak (#Taliban controlled area) district of #Ghazni province.

Local officials say the crashed aircraft is belonging to any foreign airlines, so far no word on the number of casualties.

Pix: SM pic.twitter.com/YsSsO5cN40

— Ab Qadir Sediqi (@qadir_sediqi) January 27, 2020

The plane wreck was first thought to be that of an Ariana Afghan Airlines commercial aircraft.

At first, Arif Noori, a spokesman for Ghazni city’s provincial governor, told Reuters a Boeing plane belonging to the Ariana Afghan Airline crashed in the Deh Yak district of Ghazni province around 1:10 p.m. local time.

US aif force crash bombadier

Foto: A video purporting to show the wreck of a US Air Force Bombardier E-11A.sourceTwitter/Badr-ul-huda

Aviation experts and sleuths have since combed purported footage and images of the crash shared on social media, and asserted the plane is in fact a US military Bombardier E-11A.

The E-11A is used for electronic surveillance over Afghanistan, according to the AP.


Ariana Afghan Airlines had denied reports of its involvement in the crash in a Facebook post.

This is a developing story. More follows.

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