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  • Business Insider has compiled a dataset of every known flight made by Jeffrey Epstein’s private jets.
  • The late sex offender owned a Gulfstream IV, a Gulfstream GV-SP and a Boeing 727 nicknamed the “Lolita Express.” 
  • Business Insider combined flight manifests unsealed in court last year with signal data associated with Epstein’s jets, finding at least 1,914 trips made by the aircraft between 1995 and Epstein’s arrest on federal sex trafficking charges exactly one year ago.
  • Passengers on Epstein’s jets were as far-flung as the upper crust contacts in his infamous little black book, and included public figures from Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, to supermodel Naomi Campbell and astronaut John Glenn.
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Between 1995 and his arrest on sex trafficking charges on July 6, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein jetsetted prolifically aboard his fleet of private planes, often in the company of celebrities, statesmen, and girls.

Business Insider has compiled, transcribed, and tabulated every known flight taken by the late sex felon’s jets — nearly 2,000 in total — and published them in searchable format for the first time.

Since Gawker first published an incomplete trove of Epstein’s flight logs in 2015, the financier predator’s private jets have been targets of widespread interest, particularly the “Lolita Express,” a nickname given to Epstein’s Boeing 727 by Virgin Islands locals. In addition to the 727 airliner, public records show that Epstein also owned two luxury Gulfstream jets. 

Last year, Business Insider reviewed the ADS-B signals, a type of flight tracking data based on a network of receivers around the world, associated with each Gulfstream and found that the planes had traveled lavishly prior to Epstein’s arrest — and made a mysterious two-day trip to Saudi Arabia on the eve of the 2016 presidential election.

Exactly one year after Epstein’s arrest by federal agents at Teterboro Airport, and his subsequent death by suicide at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, much of the late sex trafficker’s crimes, and the extent to which co-conspirators were involved, remain obscure.

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Business Insider’s database of flights includes all known flight records made by Epstein’s private jets, comprising both flight manifests kept by the financier’s pilots and ADS-B data associated with Epstein’s airliners. 

The flight manifests, unsealed in August in a defamation case brought by Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre against longtime Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell, begin on November 17, 1995 and end on August 7, 2013. They entail pilots’ notes showing origin and destination airports, in addition to passengers on each flight. Flights deduced from ADS-B data begin on June 9, 2016, end with Epstein’s arrest on July 6, 2019, and do not include any information on who may have been aboard.

The data does not cover the period between August 8, 2013 and June 8, 2016, during which the whereabouts of Epstein’s aircraft remain unknown. Spelling mistakes, where obvious, were corrected from the original records, and illegible passengers were denoted with question marks. Similarly, ambiguous flights with incomplete signal data were noted in the database. Approximately 400 training, test, and simulator flights from the pilots’ logbooks were removed but are viewable in the original documents.

Over the course of 1,914 flights, Epstein’s jets traveled to every continent but Australia and Antarctica. Most often, they flew between areas where Epstein owned homes: New York, Palm Beach, the US Virgin Islands, Paris, and New Mexico. 

Jeffrey Epstein’s most frequent flights

Passengers on Epstein’s jets were as varied and far-flung as the mishmash of high society contacts in his address book. Donald Trump, whose name was circled in Epstein’s address book, appeared on one flight. So did astronaut John Glenn, Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker, and Bill Clinton’s national security adviser, Sandy Berger. As for Clinton, the former US president flew on Epstein’s jets 26 times — including 11 flights with actors Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker to raise awareness for AIDS in Africa.

Influential fliers on Epstein’s planes

Epstein himself was listed as a passenger on at least 1,098 flights. Ghislaine Maxwell and Sarah Kellen, both of whom prosecutors allege procured underage girls for Epstein to abuse, appeared on 520 and 350 flights respectively. Another frequent flier, socialite and doctor Eva Andersson-Dubin, flew at least three dozen times aboard the disgraced financier’s planes, occasionally in the company of her husband, billionaire Glenn Dubin, children, and nanny. Andersson-Dubin, whose daughter once referred to Epstein as “Uncle Jeff,” dated the late disgraced financier for 11 years but has not been accused of any crimes.

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