Coronavirus lockdowns turn longtime home teachers into Instagram stars and cheerleaders for harried parents; ‘You got this!’

Coronavirus lockdowns give the World War II-era device a new life. It’s quick, kind of fun and doesn’t hog Wi-Fi bandwidth. Also good for playing Battleship.

Singles looking for a connection are mostly making do with apps and video dates, but technology has its limits. Physical chemistry? ‘You can’t get that at all.’

People write the rules as they go, shouting at neighbors from the sidewalks or balconies. Definitely BYOB, no community coolers. And think twice about petting your neighbor’s dog.

Some people are stocking up on food and supplies, though their spouses may not agree with their approach. ‘I think having 10,000 rolls of toilet paper isn’t necessary.’

Cooped up during coronavirus, bread-baking seems like a great diversion. But getting a loaf right takes practice and precision; it ‘came out looking like a hockey puck.’

Coronavirus preppers urgently stock up at the supermarket, leaving shelves bare, except for all those pork rinds

In Hong Kong, thousands of students are learning online while schools are closed—often in small apartments, with their parents also trying to work.“I can’t watch every single one of them all of the time.”

Hearing of imminent closures, people rush to pick up books and DVDs; ‘this is what Black Friday must be like at Walmart’

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