• Business for Peace Out, a DTC skincare company, has been soaring amid the pandemic.
  • Overall business and traffic to its site has quadrupled from the same time period last year.
  • Sephora, the company’s exclusive retailer, helped the brand fully shift sales to online.
  • Peace Out founder and CEO Enrico Frezza said he owes his brand’s success to his team’s ability to communicate and execute key changes to the business during the pandemic. 
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Having a strong online presence is becoming the key for retailers to keep business going during the pandemic.

That’s good news for some direct-to-consumer companies like Peace Out, which maintained a strong digital presence long before the pandemic wreaked havoc on the retail industry. The women’s skincare DTC company has seen some of its highest levels of traffic on its website since the pandemic began. Plus, the amount of people spending more than $500 in one checkout has doubled. 

Rather than getting pummeled by the virus, Peace Out is growing; the brand is even on track to launch in Canada, Australia, and East Asia by the end of 2020.

“There’s some luck to it. Not going to lie,” Peace Out founder and CEO Enrico Frezza told Business Insider in an email interview. “Working in a category that customers need — food, kids toys, skincare, elements of the comfort economy — we are in the position to do well right now. That’s a huge privilege.”

Peace Out had plans to confront crisis early on

Frezza said that Peace Out started working on contingency plans in early March. The company worked with Sephora, its exclusive retailer, to fully shift sales to online, shifted to work from home for employees, expanded its marketing efforts, and even started exploring TikTok.

Frezza said he owes his brand’s success to his team’s ability to communicate and execute these key changes to the business during the pandemic.

“Our team went full throttle into planning, strategizing, executing, communicating with and empowering each other as we shifted operations and our go-forward plan,” Frezza said, explaining how in this scenario, communication among teammates and customers was key.

In some cases, marketing tactics pivoted to meet the needs of the current environment


Sephora is Peace Out’s exclusive retailer.


Frezza also mentioned how having Sephora as a retailing partner was important in navigating the crisis. Even after the pandemic began, Peace Out continued to work on existing programs and objectives with Sephora that had already been implemented. 

“From the start of the pandemic, Sephora has supported our sales and marketing initiatives,” Frezza said, adding, “It was full-steam ahead.”

In some cases, the company worked to quickly pivot its advertising strategy to better resonate with customers. For example, Frezza said that the company swiftly created an entirely new ad campaign focused on product images with detailed descriptions after noticing customers were responding to this type of format.

“It was the fastest creative initiative we have ever executed and it’s been successful,” Frezza said. “We’re working with a level of speed, creativity, and insight that will shape our organization for years to come.”

Having a desirable product is key

The DTC companies that are thriving in this climate all seem to have one thing in common: a valuable product that resonates with consumers that can be distributed through online channels.

“The number one factor for a business to be doing well during the pandemic is that the value of their service or product can be provided digitally or through home delivery,” said Alex Song, the CEO of Innovation Department, which invests in and launches startup brands.

Frezza also said in addition to his company’s ability to utilize online channels, Peace Out’s success in the pandemic comes down to the value of its products.

“Our skincare solution products are the top reason we’ve been able to navigate the pandemic with relative ease,” he said. “In trying times, people gravitate toward things they trust. Peace Out Skincare products work and they know it.”

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