Every year, colleges across the country choose one or more students to stand on stage and address the graduating class. This year, however, after country-wide shutdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic, these speakers addressed their fellow students remotely. In their own words, hear them reflect on their time together and offer words of encouragement for the future.

Katherine Howell

Iowa State University

Majoring in Management Information Systems

Kaylee Sheppard

University of Tennessee Knoxville

Majoring in Political Science and American Studies

Caroline Bhupathi

Wesleyan College

Majoring in Computer Science

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Micah Green

Tuskegee University

Majoring in Biology

Mackenzie Mertikas

Syracuse University

Majoring in Political Science and Public Relations

Evan Steinberg

Florida State University

Majoring in Political Science

Kamren Smith

Carthage College

Majoring in Finance and Management

Rosalie Toupin

Smith College

Majoring in Government

Maxine Mchunguzi

The University of Redlands

Majoring in Communications

Shree Kale

Rice University

Majoring in Architecture and Art History

Vala Zeinali

Kent State University

Majoring in Computer Science

Ana Torubara

Carnegie Mellon University

Majoring in Social and Decision Sciences

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