9 07, 2020

A WNBA Team Has Landed in the Middle of a Georgia Senate Race

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A partial ownership stake in a Women’s National Basketball Association team is currently the hottest topic in Georgia’s election season. The Atlanta Dream has been thrust to the center of a struggle for a key U.S. Senate seat because of a fight over the meaning of Black Lives Matter. The battle involves part-owner Kelly Loeffler,…

9 07, 2020

Behind New Covid-19 Outbreaks: America’s Patchwork of Policies

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The rising tide of coronavirus cases in the U.S. South and West, coming four months into the outbreak, emerged amid a patchwork of often confusing or conflicting rules across government that have proved inconsistent and often difficult to enforce, making the pandemic harder to halt. With the federal government handing off many decisions over reopening,…

9 07, 2020

Elon Musk Gloats as Rally Drives Tesla Shares to New Heights

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Tesla Inc.’s strong performance during the pandemic has sent its stock soaring, dealing a blow to investors betting against the Silicon Valley auto maker. And Chief Executive Elon Musk is having a blast rubbing their noses in it. The 17-year-old electric-car company’s market value has risen about 22%—or almost $50 billion—to more than $250 billion…

9 07, 2020

America Is on a Lumber Binge

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Gold is climbing toward a record high, oil futures went from minus $40 a barrel to $40 in a month and a half, but the hottest commodity in the U.S. these days is wood. Prices for forest products like lumber and plywood have soared because of booming demand from home builders making up for lost…

9 07, 2020

Coronavirus Outbreaks in Summer Sports Shape School Reopen Plans

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School districts throughout the U.S. are getting a firsthand lesson on what a fall reopening could bring: sporadic closures as students and staffers test positive for Covid-19. At least half the states have districts that have shut down summer athletic training mainly due to students and coaches testing positive for the virus, some of whom…

9 07, 2020

Coronavirus Outbreaks in Summer Sports Shape School Reopen Plans

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School districts throughout the U.S. are getting a firsthand lesson on what a fall reopening could bring: sporadic closures as students and staffers test positive for Covid-19. At least half the states have districts that have shut down summer athletic training mainly due to students and coaches testing positive for the virus, some of whom…

9 07, 2020

Supreme Court Rejects Trump Bid to Block New York Subpoena Seeking Financial, Tax Records

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WASHINGTON—The Supreme Court rejected President Trump’s efforts to block a New York prosecutor from enforcing a subpoena for his financial records, but issued a mixed decision in a related case involving subpoenas from Congress. In the congressional case, the high court said the lower courts were too quick to side with three House committees seeking…

9 07, 2020

How to improve your company’s unconscious bias training

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Dr. Janice Gassam Asare is an author and founder of BWG Business Solutions, LLC, a consultancy that helps organizations be more inclusive and sparks important dialogue about workplace equity.She says that although diversity and inclusion trainings are popular in large corporations, evidence shows that they are not highly effective at promoting workplace equity.Part of the problem…

9 07, 2020

Mental health day tips for remote workers during the pandemic

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Therapists recommend taking days off work to unwind, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Joey Hadden/Business Insider It's more important than ever to take days off, therapist Nicole O-Pries told Business Insider.That's because the boundaries between work life and home life are blurring for many people who are working from home during the pandemic.Taking time off…

9 07, 2020

The Coronavirus May Forever Change Grocery Shopping

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Now Playing 7/9/2020 5:30AM      Will the coronavirus pandemic lead to long-term changes in how we shop for food? To better understand the challenges facing grocery stores, WSJ’s Alexander Hotz spoke with an industry insider, a store owner and a Walmart executive. Up Next Editor Picks Shelf 7:36 The Coronavirus May Forever Change Grocery Shopping 7/9/2020…

9 07, 2020

The Controversial Legal Doctrine at the Heart of the Floyd, Brooks, Arbery Cases

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Prosecutors in Minnesota and Georgia are deploying a controversial criminal statute in their effort to punish the alleged murderers of George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks and Ahmaud Arbery. The white police officers and others charged in the deaths of the three Black men are accused of felony murder, among other charges. The felony-murder rule is based…

9 07, 2020

Unemployment Claims Level Off as New Job Losses Offset by Hiring

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The number of workers seeking new unemployment benefits has plateaued at a historically high level, showing that many Americans are still losing their jobs amid a broadly healing labor market. Weekly jobless benefit applications, historically a proxy for layoffs, have held between 1 million and 2 million since late May, and economists expect the figure…

9 07, 2020

Oil Went Below $0. Some Think It Will Rebound to $150 One Day.

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Oil markets began the 2020s by nosediving below $0 a barrel for the first time. Investors and analysts are now trying to work out what the rest of the decade holds in store. Some think the bust will set in motion a boom, predicting that investment in oil-and-gas production will dry up and propel crude…

9 07, 2020

Trump stump speech designed to incite culture war, insiders say

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The next four months before Election Day will see the president hammering away at leftist "mobs" who Trump claims are trying to tear down America's history, Insider has learned.This isn't a strategy targeting Joe Biden so much as it is about connecting with Trump supporters who fear the US is falling apart."It is the new…

9 07, 2020

Disney World Set to Reopen With Capacity Limits, Strict Rules

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Langley Roby, a 38-year-old teacher, counts traveling to Walt Disney World in her mother’s womb as her first visit to the theme park in Orlando, Fla. Her mother was six months pregnant, but that didn’t stop her from riding Space Mountain, says Ms. Roby. Ms. Roby’s next visit to Disney World may end up being…

8 07, 2020

Bed Bath and Beyond is closing 200 stores as quarterly sales tumble nearly 50%

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Bed Bath & Beyond plans to shutter around 200 stores over the next two years.On July 8, the company published an investor relations presentation that revealed Bed Bath & Beyond intends to "lean into store closures" and "leverage significant lease expirations coming due."The Bed Bath & Beyond has floundered in recent years, thanks to the…

8 07, 2020

What it’s like to take a virtual drawing class over Zoom

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I took an intro to drawing course amid the pandemic, and now I draw to help me relax when I'm stressed. Joey Hadden/Business Insider I took a $75 virtual drawing class taught by college professors.The class made me long for my college years, but some elements of the undergraduate experience were missing, which made me…

8 07, 2020

The Ivy League Says No Sports Until 2021

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The Ivy League on Wednesday became the first Division I conference to postpone football and other sports until at least the start of 2021, people familiar with the matter said, setting the stage for bigger college sports bodies to either follow suit or try to press on toward an uncertain season. The Ivy League is…

8 07, 2020

Wirecard Under Criminal Scrutiny by U.S. Authorities as Part of Probe Into Alleged Bank-Fraud Conspiracy

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The Justice Department is examining whether scandal-plagued German payment company Wirecard AG played a critical role in an alleged $100 million bank-fraud conspiracy connected to an online marijuana marketplace, according to people familiar with the investigation. Two businessmen have already been charged in the alleged fraud, accused of conspiring with third-party payment processors and others…

8 07, 2020

Trump Criticizes CDC Guidelines for Reopening Schools

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WASHINGTON—President Trump said Wednesday he disagreed with current government guidelines for safely reopening schools, calling them too tough, escalating his campaign to get children back in the classroom despite a surge in coronavirus cases this summer. Mr. Trump said he would meet with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which has published recommendations for…

8 07, 2020

TikTok Ventures Warily Into Politics—and Finds Complications

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TikTok has been one of the world’s biggest distractions during the pandemic, thanks to its endless stream of bite-size videos featuring dance-offs, pranks and other goofs.Lately there has been a dash of something new at TikTok: politics. Experimenting with letting users post short political videos, the app is emerging as a platform for protesters and…

8 07, 2020

As Chinese Trade Surpluses Persist, so Will Risk of Trade Wars

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President Trump’s trade war with China is meeting at least one of his goals. The U.S. trade deficit with China in the past 12 months has dropped to its lowest since 2012.Unfortunately, that narrowing has come from the U.S. buying less from China, rather than China buying more from the U.S. Slack Chinese imports are…

8 07, 2020

Supreme Court Expands Religious-School Exemption From Civil Rights Laws

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WASHINGTON—The Supreme Court expanded religious schools’ exemption from civil-rights laws, the latest in a series of decisions elevating the role of religious exercise and sectarian institutions in American society. The court ruled that the First Amendment’s religion clauses immunize the schools from discrimination claims filed by teachers alleging they were fired because of age or…

8 07, 2020

Harvard, MIT Sue Trump Administration Over International-Student Policy

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Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology sued the Trump administration in federal court Wednesday over new rules barring international students from staying in the U.S. while taking classes entirely online this fall. The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for Massachusetts, seeks a temporary restraining order prohibiting the government from enforcing rules…

8 07, 2020

5 changes I saw when staying at a motel, hotel, and resort during the pandemic

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I recently spent a weekend staying at hotels, motels, and resorts as they reopened amid the coronavirus pandemic.The first night, I stayed at the Aqualina Inn, a budget motel near the beach in Montauk, the easternmost village in the Hamptons on New York's Long Island.The next night, I stayed at Gurney's Montauk Resort & Seawater…

8 07, 2020

Harvard and MIT seek to block order deporting students studying online

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Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology filed a lawsuit Tuesday against US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) over a new rule that threatened many international students with deportation.The new policy said that students whose courses no longer have an in-person element because of the COVID-19 pandemic would lose their permission to be in…

8 07, 2020

Brooks Brothers, Hurt by Casual Fridays and Coronavirus, Files for Bankruptcy

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Brooks Brothers, which dressed the American business class in pinstripes for more than 200 years, survived two world wars and the shift to casual dressing. But it was no match for the coronavirus pandemic. The closely held company, which is owned by Italian businessman Claudio Del Vecchio, filed for bankruptcy protection in Wilmington, Del., on…

8 07, 2020

Walgreens to Open Doctors’ Offices at Its U.S. Stores

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Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc., hit by slowing profits from prescription drugs, will attach doctors’ offices to hundreds of drugstores as the pharmacy chain seeks to remodel itself as a health-care provider. The largest U.S. drugstore chain by stores is pairing with primary-care provider VillageMD to open 500 to 700 clinics at Walgreens sites...

8 07, 2020

Recession Forces Spending Cuts on States, Cities Hit by Coronavirus

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State and local governments from Georgia to California are cutting money for schools, universities and other services as the coronavirus-induced recession wreaks havoc on their finances. Widespread job losses and closed businesses have reduced revenue from sales and income taxes, forcing officials to make agonizing choices in budgets for the new fiscal year, which started…

8 07, 2020

Chinese Tech Firms Get Trading Boost From Hong Kong Listings

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Hong Kong is becoming an active center for trading stock in some of China’s largest technology groups, bolstering the case for more secondary listings of U.S.-listed Chinese companies. The city now accounts for nearly a fifth of the shares changing hands by value in Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., after the e-commerce giant’s Hong Kong listing…

8 07, 2020

High rate of coronavirus tests coming back positive in many US states

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The US significantly scaled up its COVID-19 testing capacity after early missteps and prolonged delays.As coronavirus cases in the US surge, one of the most important metrics to track a region's outbreak is its positivity rate: the share of tests that come back positive.The WHO recommends stay-at-home orders if more than 5% of a region's…

8 07, 2020

Feds grapple with political committees awash in racism, doxxing and personal attacks

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This story is available exclusively on Business Insider Prime. Join BI Prime and start reading now. Organizational documents of some federal political committees include racist epitaphs, threats of violence, and demonstrable lies. One doxxes a cop.A lightly trafficked corner of a federal government website reveals newly formed political committees that include 'The White Senior Citizen…

8 07, 2020

Cinema Chain AMC Nears Financing Deal to Avert Near-Term Bankruptcy

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AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. is nearing a restructuring deal that would help stave off a near-term bankruptcy filing while turning down a competing financing offer from senior lenders including Apollo Global Management Inc., according to people familiar with the matter. The proposed deal, which could be announced within days, would require bondholders to provide a…

8 07, 2020

Trump’s Emphasis on Racial Divides Worries Republicans

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WASHINGTON—President Trump is signaling that a focus on racial and cultural divides will be a key theme of his re-election campaign. But with the nation in the midst of a racial justice movement and polls showing a growing portion of the population supportive of change, some Republicans fear his strategy won’t work. Over the past…

8 07, 2020

Civil-Rights Groups Express Disappointment With Facebook Meeting

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Civil rights advocates came out of a meeting Tuesday with Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg saying they didn’t make progress on their demands over how the social-media giant polices the platform. The lack of headway, one week into a boycott by some of the company’s top advertisers over the issue, points toward the likelihood…

7 07, 2020

Kanye, Kushner, Girl Scouts: surprising PPP loan recipients

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Girl Scouts during a Fourth of July parade in San Gabriel, California in 2018. Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images The US Small Business Administration released 4.8 million loan records detailing who received money from the $530 billion Paycheck Protection Program on Monday.The program, meant to protect small businesses, also doled out money to billionaire-backed…

7 07, 2020

Novavax CEO on $1.6 billion Operation Warp Speed vaccine grant

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A tiny biotech called Novavax has secured the largest deal yet from the US government to support its coronavirus vaccine program. Novavax landed a $1.6 billion funding deal that will help test its vaccine candidate in large clinical trials and ramp up manufacturing, the company said Tuesday. The Gaithersburg, Maryland-based biotech has never brought a vaccine to…

7 07, 2020

White House Says U.S. Has Pulled Out of the World Health Organization

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WASHINGTON—The U.S. is formally withdrawing from the World Health Organization, a White House official said. The notice was sent to the United Nations secretary-general, the official said. The withdrawal is effective July 6, 2021. U.S. President Donald Trumpsaid in May he would withdraw from the U.N. agency over what he described as its pro-China...

7 07, 2020

New U.S. Rules on Foreign Students Put Universities in Dilemma

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The Trump administration’s latest rules on international students are leaving colleges in a bind: hold in-person classes—a proposition many have deemed too dangerous—or risk losing enrollees from abroad. Under the policy, issued Monday by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, international students won’t be allowed to enter or remain in the country if their universities opt…

7 07, 2020

Coronavirus Upends a Family Tradition, the College Drop-Off

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After her son John was admitted to Amherst College last December, Michelle Fitzhenry thought dropping him off to start his freshman year would be a family event. She and her husband, Jim, had planned to fly with him to Massachusetts from Portland, Ore., in August, spend a couple of days shopping for dorm essentials and…

7 07, 2020

Judge Questions Bayer’s Roundup Settlement Plan

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A federal judge cast doubt on Bayer AG’s proposal to neatly resolve all future lawsuits over the safety of its Roundup weedkiller, potentially snagging the German company’s attempts to move past the massive liability. Bayer said recently it would pay up to $10.9 billion to settle tens of thousands of current Roundup cases and create…

7 07, 2020

Judge Questions Bayer’s Roundup Settlement Plan

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A federal judge cast doubt on Bayer AG’s proposal to neatly resolve all future lawsuits over the safety of its Roundup weedkiller, potentially snagging the German company’s attempts to move past the massive liability. Bayer said recently it would pay up to $10.9 billion to settle tens of thousands of current Roundup cases and create…

7 07, 2020

The Coronavirus Redraws the Car Market’s World Map

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BERLIN—The global auto market is splitting three ways, complicating efforts by the industry’s main players to recover from their deepest crisis in years. While sales in post-lockdown China are showing signs of recovery, they are continuing to fall in the U.S., according to company and industry data released in recent weeks. The data also show…

7 07, 2020

U.S. Commits $2 Billion for Covid-19 Vaccine, Drug Supplies

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The federal government awarded $2 billion to two drugmakers to support development and manufacturing of an experimental drug and a potential vaccine against Covid-19. Novavax Inc. said it would receive $1.6 billion from the federal government’ to fund clinical studies of its experimental coronavirus vaccine and establish large-scale manufacturing of doses. With the funding, Novavax…

7 07, 2020

Deutsche Bank Fined $150 Million Over Epstein Links, Other Lapses

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New York’s financial-services regulator on Tuesday fined Deutsche Bank AG $150 million for failing to properly monitor its dealings with late financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The fine, the latest in a series of run-ins with U.S. regulators for the German lender, was issued also in part for Deutsche Bank’s “correspondent” relationship with…

7 07, 2020

Comcast’s Peacock streaming strategy targets free users, cord cutters

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Matt Strauss. Comcast This story is available exclusively on Business Insider Prime. Join BI Prime and start reading now. NBCUniversal's flagship streaming service, Peacock, lands nationally on July 15, with a free tier and two subscription plans.Peacock chairman Matt Strauss said its Spotify-like freemium model is even more relevant amid the global pandemic, as economic…

7 07, 2020

What I learned about being Black after a cop pointed a gun at me when I was 12 years old

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I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in a predominately Black neighborhood but was bused to a school in a predominantly white suburb.After a school dance when I was in the fourth grade, a cop stopped my friends and I — all Black kids — with his gun drawn. He said he was looking for suspects…

7 07, 2020

Instacart’s Boom in Business Leaves Its Gig Workers Behind

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Now Playing 7/7/2020 5:30AM      Instacart has exploded in popularity during the pandemic. But the contract gig workers Instacart relies on say they aren’t sharing in the grocery-delivery company’s success and some local governments are working to address their concerns. Photo: Ben Margot/Associated Press Up Next Editor Picks Shelf 5:58 Instacart’s Boom in Business Leaves Its…

7 07, 2020

Investment Firms and Real-Estate Developers Took Stimulus Loans Too

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The former U.S. operations of a sanctioned Russian bank, a hedge fund partly owned by one of the biggest private-equity firms in the world and a real-estate developer behind two of Manhattan’s most expensive condominium towers were among the financial firms that benefited from a government program designed to help small businesses weather the coronavirus…

7 07, 2020

George Floyd Protests Prompt Looks at Older Cases of Police Violence

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Protests over police brutality around the country are prompting local prosecutors to re-examine long-dormant cases and testing whether heightened national attention will lead to a different legal result. In the wake of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, protesters have called for a renewed look at cases where people died at the hands of…