At home in Cambridge, Mass., Justice Stephen Breyer continues deliberations with fellow judges by phone, jogs and makes pot roast.

Greg Ng reflects on having many more hours with his three teenagers, sharing board games and movies: ‘I love spending this quality time with them. It’s intoxicating.’

Mourning rituals for beloved grandparents who died just weeks apart are transformed by pandemic, leaving bereft siblings adrift

Rachel Coathup, an anaesthetist and new mother, gets creative with shortage of baby supplies, holds the line on visitors and feels guilty about the need for medical workers

Christy Bradley makes ends meet with side projects and visit to a produce giveaway for restaurant industry workers.

Pamela Andrew normally juggles caretaking and volunteering, and now grapples with constraints of quarantine: a kidney transplant is on hold, feeding local families with limited supplies and a 92-year-old mother

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