A pilot waves as a Boeing 777X airplane taxis during its first test flight from the company’s plant in Everett, Washington, U.S. January 25, 2020.

Terray Sylvester | Reuters

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Here are the biggest calls on Wall Street on Wednesday:

Credit Suisse raised its price target on Boeing to $367 from $321

Credit Suisse raised its price target on the stock and said it felt the company was finally entering a “positive news period.”

“There was a fair amount of discussion regarding BA‘s longer-term FCF potential, and how that differs vs. what the Street was modeling prior to the second crash. Clearly, the key changes here are the MAX interruption and 787 rate reductions. Mgmt. sees the former as largely recoverable, acknowledging that the latter is a headwind vs prior expectations. As far as the MAX is concerned, BA sees similar longer-term unit cash profitability compared to prior, while BA is also trying to front-end as much of the cash impact as possible. Consensus in the room, though not necessarily endorsed by Boeing, was that 2023 could be a near-normal cash year, where production/deliveries would normalize while concessions would become largely immaterial.”

Jefferies raised its price target on Nvidia to $315 from $255

Jefferies raised its price target on the computer graphics maker and said it sees “positive trends” continuing in the  company’s Data Center business

NVDA has outperformed the SOX by 800 bps since our 7-Jan mtg at CES, but we think the outperformance is justified and expect NVDA to report positive trends in Datacenter (DC). We observe: 1) positive CapEx commentary from hyperscalers, 2) robust 4Q server demand at INTC and AMD, 3) DC capacity absorption by DC REITS. We believe NVDA’s acceleration solutions will continue to take share in the DC, and view it as a core ‘4th Tectonic Shift in Computing’ play.”

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