• Sean Hannity made a comparison between the police killing of George Floyd and the FBI investigation into President Donald Trump on his show Tuesday.
  • Hannity called for better treatment of police during the current protests, saying Floyd’s death was down to “bad apples.”
  • The host pivoted at this moment to discuss the FBI investigating Trump’s Russian ties — describing both them and officers in Minneapolis as “crooked cops.”
  • Hannity claimed not to be comparing the two cases, despite putting the two next to each other to argue a single point.
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Sean Hannity drew a comparison between the police killing of George Floyd and the FBI Russia investigation into President Trump on his show Tuesday. 

Denying that he was making “any comparison,” the Fox News host went on to argue that both Floyd and the president had been victimized by law enforcement. 

The argument served to downplay Floyd’s death, despite Hannity’s insistence that police killings should “never happen.” 

He started by playing a clip of the chief of New York’s police union calling for better treatment of cops during the protests. 

“You know what? They’re right. They deserve better. The vast majority of our police, they serve … with honor and distinction,” said Hannity.

“Now, because of the actions in Minneapolis of one officer, and the inactions of three other officers, we’re going to have what — character assassination of all cops?” 

“Yes, there are dirty cops in some police departments. There are bad apples,” he said. This segued into familiar territory: “all the corruption” of the FBI and its investigation into Trump’s Russian ties. 

He reminded viewers of the time he has spent “exposing the bad actors at the federal level” who “tried to rig an election and destroy Donald Trump at all costs.”

This is unfounded. In an investigation in December 2019, a Justice Department report rebuked the FBI for multiple procedural wrongdoings. However, the report concluded that the investigation had no motivation of political bias against the president, CNN reported

“Even the president himself — it’s not the same thing as what happened to George Floyd, but it’s horrific,” said Hannity, as an image of Trump played on the screen. “He was a victim of crooked cops.” 

Floyd’s death should never have happened and the hurt to Minneapolis and the USA is real, he said. 

“It’s not the same circumstances, I’m not making any comparison,” he insisted. 

Business Insider has contacted Fox News for comment.

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