United Airlines will give passengers slated to fly on full flights a chance to rebook, after images of packed planes sparked fears about traveling amid the coronavirus pandemic.

United said it will contact travelers in advance so they can change plans or take a travel credit if their flight looks close to capacity. The option will also be available at the gate if over 70% of customers check in. The new policy, which goes into effect next week, is set to remain in place through June 30.

Most flights are still relatively empty, as demand for air travel has plunged more than 90% since the coronavirus began to spread. United said 85% of its flights are half full. But the number of passengers has started to climb, according to figures from the Transportation Security Administration. At the same time, those travelers are spread between fewer flights as airlines have slashed their schedules by as much as 90%.

Balancing passengers’ desire to maintain social distance against the need to keep schedules lean in order to avoid losses will be a challenge for airlines as some parts of the country begin to re-open. Airlines including Delta Air Lines Inc. and Southwest have capped the number of passengers that can board planes, but carriers have said keeping these measures in place long term would result in pricier tickets.

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