‘Bad Education’ Review: A Scandal With Smarts

The real-life story of malfeasance inside a suburban New York school system brings a human perspective to financial crime.

The rise and fall of Frank Tassone as told in HBO’s blackly comedic “Bad Education” is mostly about his fall and hinges, ever so Greekly, on his own hubris. Early on, Frank, the wildly popular, handsome and successful superintendent of the Roslyn, N.Y., school system on Long Island, is interviewed about an overly ambitious building project by a student journalist, who gets her quote and prepares to go. “It’s just a puff piece,” explains Rachel Bhargava (Geraldine Viswanathan), but Frank stops her in her tracks. “It’s only a puff piece if you let it be a puff piece,” he admonishes. “A real journalist can turn any assignment…

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